Share honesty. Learn. Grow.

When we share something honest with others, we can help them to do better with our honest interactions.

The Honest Majority, partnering with XXX is excited to bring to you a gathering of words written to inspire such effective honesty.  

Either an emotional or inspiring memory from your past, or a story of fiction, when what you might create shares some honesty with others, then you can help make the world a better place.

Why is there a challenge?

It seems that when competitions are found in the world, improvements in quality and skills can be gained. Competition can help us to focus and hone our stories to engender more powerful inspiration to have more reflective and external honesty, and how to navigate the reality of a sometimes seemingly dishonest world. 

How do I win?

Write a qualified submission and maybe be randomly selected. 

What are qualified submissions?

Submissions must satisfy all rules that generally require that participants:

1. Identify themselves as real person via a quick conversation.

2. Provide original work between 500-1000 words.

3. Write to encourage positive respect for honesty.

See the terms and conditions for more.

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