Welcome to
The Honest Majority


What does THM do?

As a project, THM works to bring honest intentions into the world by cheering it online, and in real-world media to better-prevent disinformation from harming us. 

We advocate for effective honesty. 

Strength with honesty

Just like you do, we believe that

it is important to be honest.

Not just the `I tell no lies' sort of honesty. The honesty where we do our best to find the truth with others and to tell it as we see it. 

An honesty of awareness where we know that everything we see, even if we might believe it initially, is not guaranteed to be honest itself.

A self-honesty that allows us to do your best for ourselves and for our family and for our community.

With our honesty together,

we can create a better future


Do your best

If you do your best to be honest with yourself, and with others, you are helping to make The Honest Majority. 

Thank you!


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