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Effective Honesty

What is effective honesty? 

While we may all have some variations on the definition, we take effective honesty to mean: doing our best to be accurate in our understanding of the world and in how we communicate that understanding with others. 

It means acting with the realistic viewpoint that what we see as truth and what others see as truth are likely to be different. 

It means examining not just our differences in perspectives but finding the similarities in our viewpoints. 

It means appreciating that dishonesty will generally lead to greater challenges In our future.

Effective honesty is honesty that doesn't harm our ability to be honest. 

It is when we can no longer speak to our honest beliefs then we will no longer be free.


It is knowing that if we speak our honest beliefs in a non-strategic manner, our speech may be curtailed. 

It is honesty that can survive the challenges of reality. 

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