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  • What is Honesty?
    This is a great question! We can offer our best representation. Honesty is a reasonable representation of the world. That's it. Keeping it simple, knowing that both 'reasonable' and 'representation' are also hard words to define quickly and we will end up in centuries of philosophical ideas to discuss surrounding that. Please get connected with us if you'd like to share your thoughts.
  • Who are you to say you are 'The Honest Majority'?
    First, if you associate with honesty in your realized and imagined actions, then you are already part of 'The Honest Majority.' All of us, not just those in The Honest Majority, can, and should, help others to understand deviations of honesty to mute the harm caused by dishonesty. Secondly, if you see that we are dishonest in what we present here on our site, or as team members, please let us know. Be useful in your observations towards us, so that we can better exist. We welcome constructive criticism. We don't know everything, but we will try to learn. If you want more from The Honest Majority, please tell us.
  • Why is The Honest Majority Trademarked?
    If you see someone trying to claim they are honest but do not seem to be reaching their values, let them know. That includes us here. But if they are honest, and they are claiming they are in The Honest Majority, then they might be right. The challenge comes when someone vocally associates their dishonest actions in the name of honesty: the concept of honesty may be reduced in value. In reality, they will not be part of the Honest Majority, and they thusly should not associate themselves with the name The Honest Majority. This why we defensively trademarked the name The Honest Majority in order to protect Honesty, effectively.

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