What is honesty?

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

―Thomas Jefferson

Have you ever almost burned your house down?

If you have, I am quite sorry. Especially if you succeeded. I was fortunate enough not to have burned my house to the ground when I was eight years old ... though it seems like I certainly tried to do so.

Like many kids enthralled by the mystery of fire, I had just been playing around. Seeing how I could easily put the flame out even with my bare hands. But the playing didn’t last. Unlike the earlier ‘practice’ flames, the last one turned into three-foot flame nibbling yellow-blue destruction on our house’s side panels. I couldn’t tamp them down like I had earlier, my previous efforts seemed to be fruitless. The flames just kept on getting bigger and hungrier. They were only a few seconds away from engulfing the house.