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Oct 21, 2021
In Honest Reality
Once there was a boy named Sam Who didn’t like Green Eggs and Ham Or so he devoutly believed with all his might Because of his lack of foresight Dr. Seuss has nothing on Sam Who was the king of poetry slams Or so he told himself at night Convinced that he was always right As time passed, Sam felt less like a Sam Unsure of what was him or a mere scam He told stories of impressive deeds That did not let pesky Truth impede The elephant in the brain grew and grew Unhindered by all that he knew But could not get himself to admit Lest he realizes he’s far from legit Sam could no longer remember who he was Filled with projections from adoring fans But behind the curtain was the wizard of Oz Of empty words and lofty plans Scam was a very lonely boy Who wondered about his past self Sam Before he became society’s toy Knowing only lies and glam. Self-deception helps deceive another, As useful as any tool could be, At the cost of having a true self smothered When nothing’s more essential than being “me.” Self-Deceived Scam remembered the days When he was happy and free of this weight Looking within, with difficulty, he says: There’s nothing there to hate If there is nothing to hate There's no need to self-castigate Because it's never too late To manifest a better fate Sam accepted himself; the magic of being Nothing more, nothing less than what you’re seeing Because he realized: there’s no reason to deceive When you know deep down what you believe.


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