Supporters of Honesty

The communities striving to promote honesty and fight against the dangers of disinformation are growing in number. We are creating our own too as part of The Honest Majority! If you are interested in what we are creating at THM, please let us know so we can get in touch. Be sure to check out some supporters of honesty below. We bet you'll like some of them too!

Communities supporting honesty

The Honest Majority

Join us in the facebook community for THM

Pro Truth Pledge

Led by Gleb Tsipursy, this group is leading the way in increasing honesty with their Pro-Truth movement!

We Vote Project

To improve the intelligence that goes into the formation of public policy and the functioning of our democracy, by engaging, educating and empowering every registered voter in America with insider access to the political system.

Make Truth Matter Again

Make Truth Matter Again Is a community dedicated to spreading truthful and useful information.

Living Room Conversations

Add some thoughtful structure to your conversations, and join Living Room Conversations to bring back some civility to your challenging topics!

Is this BS?

This FB community is more than it seems. I mean, if it is BS, there's probably some dishonesty involved. We need to know how to deal with BS if we're going to be honest.

Common Sense American

Focused on helping to bringing common sense back into our understanding of things!

Who else should be here? 

Yep! That might include you!! 

You don't have to be humble in your efforts to fight disinformation 😉

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The Honest Majority is a project of Make Truth Matter Again, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting truth and fighting disinformation

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