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With honesty we find truth together

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With honesty we find truth together

THM started with the understanding that most of us aim to be honest. We're honest because that is how we were raised. We're honest because it helps us to have more effective lives that just plain work better with those around us. But presently we see that Honesty is under attack! 


In our founding year of 2020, we decided to take action against the deceitful words and behavior in politics and social media, and online 'news' outlets, harming our ability to function both as individuals and as a society

Honesty goes beyond politics, race, belief, or ability. Our goal is to have more of us realize to ourselves that we can contribute to the honest majority, by being honest to ourselves, and to others around us, we make the world a better place. To do so, we are growing to promote Honesty in the writings that we and suggested authors contribute, through our store-front focused on stylish swag that can encourage honesty, and by supporting the organization that supports THM, Make Truth Matter Again, which we often call MTMA. 

MTMA is a  501c3 non-profit, that is directed at education to increase our ability to talk across us - vs - them boundaries and to increase conversational civility and fight against disinformation and propaganda.

Both MTMA, and THM are looking for creators and supporters in what 

When we work honestly with others, we better create a world that is both more just and more free for all of us. 


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The Honest Majority is a project of Make Truth Matter Again, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting truth and fighting disinformation

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