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A project dedicated to promoting honesty and fighting disinformation

About Us

With honesty, we can find truth.

The Honest Majority started with the understanding that most of us aim to be honest. We're honest because that is how we were raised. We're honest because it helps us have more effective lives that just plain work better for everyone around. We're honest because everyone, even the least honest, likely wants to be honest deep down inside.


And right now if you said that honesty is not living up to its full potential, we'd agree with that. That's why in our founding year of 2020, we decided to take action against the deceitful words and behavior in politics, social media, and online "news" outlets, harming our ability to function both as individuals and as a society.

Honesty goes beyond politics, race, belief, or ability. Our goal is to have more of us realize that we can contribute to the honest majority by being honest to ourselves and to others around us: we make the world a better place. To do so, we are growing by promoting Honesty in the writings that we and suggested authors contribute, offering stylish swag that can encourage honesty, and supporting the organization that supports THM, Make Truth Matter Again, which we often call MTMA. 

MTMA is a  501(c)(3) non-profit that is directed at combatting disinformation. Not by 'fact-checking,' for it is apparent that fact-checking is far from a cure-all against fake news and clickbait propaganda. We see that education raises our awareness of and ability to talk about what we see in the world, and learn what others see too. It is easy to see that when we cannot see how others might see, we will not take the most effective actions. As such, MTMA is working to inspire projects like The Honest Majority to encourage growth in important, realistic concepts that positively permeate and improve our society. 

And some concepts, like honesty, need your help. Both MTMA and THM are looking for creators and supporters for our mission. If you are interested in helping in any way, please get in touch with us. We look forward to your thoughts and to better understanding your perspectives. 

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