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We are The Honest Majority,

We Are THM

But just who are ‘we’?

Everyone who does what they do to be honest with both themselves and others, and honestly search for truth. Those in the honest majority:

👀 See that we do not understand everything perfectly, and neither do others.

🌐 Recognize that we are in a society that is highly interconnected and complex.

🏆 Appreciate honesty because it enables the trust that forms the basis of functional societies.

In our organized form, on the internet mostly, THM promotes honesty. We do so in what we write, in the goods we make, in our educational advertisements, in our online content, and in our support of other non-profit groups promoting honesty.

The Honest Majority needs your support by:

🎁 Writing some constructive criticism for us.

🗣 Sharing THM with your social connections.

👚 Snagging some fun clothing.

✍️ Writing in our forum.

👥 Joining our team

These all help to promote the appreciation of honesty.

Your help is essential. To get beyond a grassroots-member funding and reach a larger audience, you can help. 


Thank you,

The Honest Majority Team

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