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OURE: pronounced OW-ER [ˈaʊɚ]

Observe. Understand. Respond

In what we think, in what we do, in what we say: it is up to us to improve the world.  As individuals, as groups, as friends, as enemies: it is our combined realizations that help the world. Honesty is key. 

We share an easy mnemonic to help more of us to realize that we can create success for all of us: Observe. Understand. Respond Effectively.




Respond Effectively

What we see informs what we know. 

The more we take in, the more we can know.

The more we can know, the more we can ...

What we can understand informs us on what we can do. The more we can do, the better choices we might make. The greater our ability to ...

In how we react, we will set the stage for reactions to continue or to end. We can help others learn. We can learn ourselves.

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